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Premium Hams, Turkeys, Meats, Chickens & Cheeses
Visit our deli to see current prices or download weekly PDF flyer above.
Premium Hams                   

Bavarian Smoked Ham
Maple Honey Ham
42% Lower Sodium Deluxe Ham
Rosemary & Sundried Tomato Ham
Tavern Ham

Premium Meats              

Mortdella w/ Pistachios
Genoa Salami
Hard Salami
Peppered Salami
Beef Bologna
Pork & Beef Bologna
Season Filet Roast
Season Filet Roast Beef
London Broil

Premium Turkeys               

Cajun Turkey
Cracked Pepper Mill Turkey
47% Lower Sodium Turkey
Ovengold Turkey.
Maple Honey Turkey
Mesquite Wood Smoked Turkey
Blackened Turkey
Honey Smoked Turkey

Premium Chickens            

Chipotle Chicken
Blazing Buffalo Chicken
EverRoast Chicken
Classic Lower Sodium Chicken

Premium Cheese              

American (Yellow/White)
Sharp Cheddar White
Lacey Swiss
Picante Sharp Provolone
Vermont Cheddar Yellow
Naturally Smoked Gouda
Chipotle Gouda
Gouda Loaf 
Horseradish Cheddar.
Monterey Jack With Jalapeno
3 Pepper Colby Jack
Cream Havarti

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